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SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

As this book comes to publication, America has been fighting two wars for eight years against one violently ideological Islamic enemy with many names—and the end of this conflict is not yet in sight. However, a marked difference exists for those of us who wake up each day with our country being at war compared to those who wake up and each day go to war for our country. Ironically, if most of us enjoying freedom's luxuries without dire risk were to draw up a list of one hundred heroes, it is doubtful the name of even one Navy SEAL would be on it.

Obscurity is inherent in the tactics and to the success of these elite special operations forces. The SEAL acronym stands for Sea, Air and Land, identifying the elements in which their small, anonymous units operate as the masters of silent military insertions and extractions, anywhere, anytime, neither expected nor welcome. Their job requires secrecy and physical endurance perfected to high art. Since the first frogmen crawled on the beaches at Normandy, invisible and invincible both by reputation and reasons paramount to national security, SEALs have appeared in our national consciousness more as a myth than flesh. Until now.