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SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

This compilation of powerful photographs combined with seven years of research and unparalleled access offers a telephoto view of a rarely seen world that carries the highest military cachet. The story of the lives and deaths of the men included in this book offers an unusually clear picture of the overriding values and psychology of the U.S. Navy SEALs. What drives men to accept this arduous, perilous calling? What common ingredient guides these men to court extraordinary risk and necessary sufferings for quiet reward and possible death?

Patriot, hero, warrior, son, husband, father—labels alone fail to embody the high-wire act these dedicated men accept as duty and daily life. In this book, the black and white portraits and often, the SEALs' own words, give face and intimate meaning to their anonymous sacrifices. These men may be the toughest on earth, but they are not without tears. All modestly concur that exemplary fighting expertise is simply a job requirement and the hardest part is the long separations from family.