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SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

Spotlighted for the first time, parents, wives, and children provide an often forgotten and essential element supporting America's most elite warrior culture and lifestyle. Living with the uncertainty of when or if their loved ones will return, the rock-solid community of SEAL wives openly shares the strain of deployments, the joys and challenges of homecomings, and the heartbreaking crackle of gun salutes at funeral after funeral. Strong and resourceful as their absent men, these women plumb the depths of military pride and personal fortitude while raising kids and serving up a slice of pure American patriotism.

No matter how you feel about war itself, its dark shadows, brilliant victories or sordid truths, this book strives to bring forth the underlying humanity of these brave and dedicated men into fresh, plenary light. In America, freedom is proffered as a God-given right, but defending freedom requires brains and blood and sacrifice—three words that only begin to define a U.S. Navy SEAL. This book is meant to serve as an enlightening testament of who they are and the tradition of honor, excellence and courage they serve.