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Stephanie Freid-Perenchio

A native of Southern California, photographer and visionary of this book, began her career in visual arts as a stylist for television, fashion designers, and print media before becoming a talent/music agent. Some people are born with a kind of X-ray vision that allows them to see life's truth hiding in plain sight. Stephanie's ability to capture this unique insight took a giant leap forward when she began taking photographs; first, as a serious hobby and soon afterward, as a professional and passionate photographer.

Photography continues to lead Stephanie on a compelling path around the globe. Focusing her lens and public attention on subjects as varied as the difficult realities of the Naval Special Warfare community and the vanishing magic and endangered ecosystems of African wildlife and tribal culture. Her photographs stand witness to what is lost and what is eternal in every face, landscape, and passing moment.

From her home in Idaho, she watches the sun climb the Pioneer Mountains with her husband, two daughters, two happy dogs, and six spoiled horses.

SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice is her first book.