Brotherhood Title

Every man who earns the Trident gains a lifetime membership in an elite military fraternity. If there is a genetic code that determines who will be a warrior, surely every SEAL shares that highly charged chromosome. Shared sacrifice and brotherhood offer inherent rewards that most SEALs seem to absorb at a molecular level.

“I walked away knowing that nothing had changed over the years. A SEAL today is the same SEAL of yesterday. I watched and talked to these younger warriors, some from the period soon after my time and others who are much newer and still in their 20’s today. The same closeness exists as if we were all from the same platoon in the same time period.”

SEAL Michael Murphy received the first Medal of Honor awarded to a Navy service member in 35 years. His parents, Dan and Maureen Murphy, accepted the Medal on his behalf on October 22, 2007. Secretary of the Navy, Honorable Donald C. Winter, announced on May 8, 2008, the name of the newest Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer would be named USS Michael Murphy.