The Trident Title

The Tridents make bold statements on the uniforms. More than a cherished piece of jewelry, they shine with priceless value. As it should be, since each was paid for with months of sleepless nights, bald spots from carrying boats on heads, continuous sandy rashes in private parts, blisters from elephant runs in ill-fitting boots, failed barrack inspections, interminable hours of surf torture, verbal abuse from the most determined instructors, getting hurled onto the rocks during night rock portage, agony sessions on the Grinder, dislocated body parts, hundreds of log PT squats, the chaos of “breakout” during Hell Week, the fear of drowning or blacking out in the Combat Training Tank, hours studying dive physiology, avoiding starvation, numbing two-mile ocean swims, the deafening sound of M-60 machine guns, the reality of Immediate Action Drills, Army Airborne School, Special Operations Training and finally, living with the expectation to perform faster and more accurately every passing day.

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